Welcome to Bongo cat! A fun musical toy!

Press the [A] and [L] keys to move the paws.
Press [SPACE] to Meow
Press Left and Right arrow keys to change instruments!
Press Up and Down arrow keys to change costumes.

If you have any suggestions for more instuments and features, send me a message on Twitter @DPS_2004

1.00: initial release.

1.1: The MORE INSTRUMENTS update: Added Drummer duel drums, and a glocenspiel.

1.2: The COSTUMES update: Added Drummer Duel and Top Hat costumes.

1.2.1: The CLOWNIN AROUND update: Dont download if you have Coulrophobia. Adds a clown costume and squeeze horn.

oh also on GitHub now https://github.com/DPS2004/Bongo-Cat

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
TagsCute, drums, meme, Music, silly


Bongo Cat (win).zip 2 MB


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I wish it had more keys to play :(


cool game


why don't add some of the new version instruments...? it well be more fun and yeah i liked it but it doesn't make any song...but still i love it!

uh what new version intruments


Played it for the first time earlier today. Super glad I did! XD really enjoyed this entry.

this is the best game

It is actually pretty funny. Nice!

(1 edit)

So I didn't know this cat was a meme... but this game was good for some light hearted fun and laughs.

As promised, the new and improved BONGO CAT!

I must say, this is one hell of a "game". It may not be much, but it had me laughing!

Try out the new version! More instruments.

oooooooooh, I'll do that later today