If the first letter of the background color matches the letter that you see, make sure X is pressed before the bar reaches the left side of the screen. If they do not match, leave X unpressed. Press X to restart after a game over.


::i::a,b,d,e,f,g=false,0,1,1,{"r","o","y","g"},128 c=g::s::c=c-3if not a then if c<1then if d==e and btn()>0 or d!=e and btn()<1 then c=64 b=b+1 d=flr(rnd(4))+1 e=flr(rnd(4))+1 else a=true end end end cls(d+7)rectfill(0,62,c,g,1)
if(c<-g and btn()>0)goto i
flip()goto s

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