How to play:

Use the mouse to move the head of the snake.

If you touch a red circle, the game ends. The game will also end if you fail to touch a yellow circle.

Once the game ends, you can click to start a new game.

Source code:

poke(0x5f2d,1)cls()for i=0,16do
?"grab yellow, not red"
end a,b,e,f,g,j,k,l=0,128,rnd,circfill,pget,0,0,stat function h()j=1
?"score: "..t()-k,7
flip()if l(34)>0then cls()j,k=0,t()end if j==1then h()end end function _update60()c,d=l(32),l(33)if a<0then a=20end a-=1for i=0,20do pset(e(b),e(10)+120,2)end circ(c+sin(t()*4)*2,d,4,11)if a==0then f(e(b),120,5,8+flr(e(1.1))*2)end for x=c-3,c+3do for y=d-3,d+3do if g(x,y)==10then f(c,d,32,0)elseif g(x,y)==8then h()end end end for x=0,b do if g(x,1)==10then h()end end if a%2==0then
end end function _draw()end


ttj5.p8 17 kB


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Nice! Interesting visuals.  

Very fast. The yellow circles are very tricky. Graphics are pretty trippy.